welcome to redconsulting
business consulting
redconsulting supports organizations  that are seeking fresh strategic direction, expansion into new or developed markets, and who want to specifically concentrate on sales and development with relevant and effective marketing, either domestically or specific to international markets. redconsulting can also offer to coach executives or managers to ensure that the company is then aligned both structurally, with the right resource and expertise to ensure that corporate goals are achieved.
travel & healthcare solutions
redconsulting also specializes in the niche area of travel, health insurance and the assistance markets. With over 15 years of experience and expertise gained in many European countries, South Africa, the Middle-East as well as North America. It is well positioned to develop business and share innovative thinking that can help such industry specialists to grow and or diversify their business. This is a very niche market and one which has many levels of market maturity, consumer choice and business complexity.
innovations & services
Innovation & creativity is at the core of what redconsulting stands for. So much so that it has developed a unique area on this website that firstly highlights some of the ideas that are available to many industries and organizations that are looking for creative ways of being competitive, as well as allowing innovators to share their ideas too. This approach brings new business partners together.