travel & healthcare solutions
redconsulting is dedicated to the niche area of travel, health insurance and the supporting assistance service markets. With over 20 years of experience and expertise gained in many European countries, South Africa, the Middle-East as well as North America. It is well positioned to develop business and share innovative thinking that can help such industry specialists to grow and or diversify their businesses. This is a very niche market and one which has many levels of market maturity, consumer choice and business complexity.
redconsulting believes that the travel & healthcare business and its supportive markets should be dynamic and constantly searching for ways to ‘wow’ consumers and clients. To do this effectively, it is important to understand the ‘end’ clients needs and their business whether they are travel agents, tour operators, airlines, or employee/employer needs, affinity business partners, financial institutions or the innovative ways that technology and consumer choice is simply changing market behavior. redconsulting is part of these changes and with the support of industry bodies, and the clients that we do business with, we will continue to make a difference and ‘enjoy’ the challenges and benefits it will bring!