travel & healthcare solutions
redconsulting works across the niche spectrum of the travel, health insurance and assistance industry. It is not confined to one market or domain, but is requested to support travel & healthcare companies from Europe, the US and Canada. The industry is so diverse, with so many factors that affect consumer demand and corporate profitability, that redconsulting is becoming renowned for its global expertise in this constantly changing market.
redconsulting works with travel and health insurers, P&C underwriters, MGA’s, MGU’s, and a number of intermediaries, in addition to supporting the assistance companies that deliver the important and vital services to customers and clients.
Recommendations that have been received:

“In my almost forty years in the travel insurance and medical assistance industry, I know few, if any , who understand the International travel insurance and assistance business better than Gary - a true professional in every sense. The already wealth of knowledge gained in the United Kingdom at leading insurers together with subsequent experiences in United States and Canada makes Gary one of the select few who fully understands the industry worldwide, be it in field of Sales+ Marketing, Cost Containment or P.R - his organizational skills and knowledge will benefit any organization . Proud to have worked with him and known him as a friend as well as colleague....” MIKE O'NEIL, MEDICAL CLAIMS MANAGER, EUROP ASSISTANCE

“I was fortunate enough to work with Gary for a year at Europ Assistance, having known him for many years previously as a key player in the UK travel insurance market. Gary was a great leader, always interested in and caring for his team, setting clear goals and directions. In the business, Gary was a strategic thinker who set the direction the business should take, but also had a very clear plan of how we should achieve those strategic goals at a tactical level. Highly respected in the UK travel insurance market…..” FIONA MACDONALD, HEAD OF UNDERWRITING, EUROP ASSSISTANCE.

“Gary was a great manager who led by example and always provided motivation when required. Gary knew and still does know the Travel Insurance and assistance market inside out. He is commercially astute and very quick to spot business opportunities. It was a pleasure working for Gary and I would welcome the opportunity of doing so again” CHRIS ISAACS, SENIOR DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, EUROP ASSISTANCE