travel & healthcare solutions

redconsulting is an independent consulting company that supports the niche industry of the travel, healthcare insurance and assistance services business. The many years of industry experience and international expertise gained, provides clients with a wide range of support and opportunity for growing, developing and diversifying their businesses.

We have Associate partners in London, UK for all European business and Associate partners in Montreal, Canada for business developed in North America

The key services that redconsulting provides include:
  Strategy and Profitable Growth:  
Developing fresh business strategies to ensure travel, health & assistance organizations achieve their full potential.
Creating sales & marketing plans to travel, healthcare and affinity groups that want to become more dynamic in a competitive and complex market.
Underwriting, technical and risk assessment advice to improve product profitability and client satisfaction.
Executive and senior management coaching to assist with the implementation of strategies, including corporate restructuring that ensures businesses are aligned to achieve their goals
Research and development of international markets to diversify and expand a company's business, products and services.
Mediate opportunities that involve merger or acquisition of businesses, including pre & post business sale support.
Claims Management and Cost Control:
Independent claims audits that recommend changes to reduce claims costs ‘leakage.’
Identifying and implementing fraud control processes and procedures.
Introducing methods that improve claims recoveries.
Evaluate processes and procedures to ensure efficient controls and service management of claims is in place.
Claims resource training.
Research and development of international medical healthcare networks to strengthen a clients cost containment abilities.

To keep up to date with changes in the travel & healthcare industry, please visit the

TRAVEL INSURANCE & ASSISTANCE SERVICES group (TIAS) on LinkedIn. This group is sponsored and managed by redconsulting and attracts the opinions of professionals from all over the world and from different segments of the industry.