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September 5, 2012  Red Consulting expands to provide Claims Management and Cost Control Services
Red Consulting Services Inc; an independent company based near Montreal, Canada, known for supporting insurance and medical assistance companies with strategic growth and international development of travel and healthcare business, has now extended the services it provides.

“We are now expanding in to the area of claims and medical assistance analysis, with a clear objective of working with insurers, assistance companies and TPA’s to independently review their methods and resources to ensure that claims cost ‘leakage’ and fraud is minimized” Gary Andrews, President of redconsulting shared.

Andrews continued “I am pleased to announce that Douglas Clement from TCS will now be partnering with redconsulting, and supporting clients by offering Claims Management and Cost Containment services. Douglas brings with him a depth of experience from the travel and healthcare industry and over 21 years in the insurance industry. Further, Douglas is extending this partnership with redconsulting to include TCS's exclusive global network with AVUS”

The AVUS group is the largest Non-Marine claims management/handling group in Europe with subsidiaries in 26 countries in Europe including North Africa.

Each office has a dedicated in-house legal team that handles recovery/subrogation cases for travel, social & accident insurers and also for motor insurers. A natural part of their core service includes investigations and data gathering of all kinds for insurers and in particular when fraud is suspected. They are also well positioned to provide expert legal opinions regarding any legal situation in a given country.

AVUS works with European insurance groups such as Allianz, AVIVA, AXA, QBE, RSA and Zurich. In concert with TCS, who provide coverage in the Americas, the Caribbean, and the developed countries of the Asian Rim, this strategic partnership provides a unique global network of resource support to payers of claims, in a complex multi cultured environment.

“The expertise and structure that has been built by redconsulting, is one that not only brings a wealth of international insurance experience, but as equally important, provides independent expertise that challenges the payers of claims to ensure that savings are continually achieved.

The claims management and cost containment services that redconsulting now offers, adds to the already successful expertise of offering strategic development and planning to our travel and healthcare clients” said Andrews.

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