business consulting
We are privileged to be working with Canadian national banks, including Desjardins, national lawyers and accountants, in addition to government agencies.
Being accredited by the Business Development bank of Canada (BDC) enables redconsulting to share its experience and expertise with many other industries and organizations who value what we do.
Our partners are associated with education, business ‘start-ups’ technology groups, research groups and service providers. Such organizations are from both the public and private sectors and have sought a mixture of domestic and international business assistance, in addition to business coaching and leadership development.
Recommendations received:
“…Gary is commercially astute and very quick to spot business opportunities……” CHRIS ISAACS, SENIOR DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, EUROP ASSISTANCE
“I have worked with Gary as a colleague for two and a half years as CIO. When I think of him, the words that come to my mind  are: integrity, professionalism, commitment, intuitive to name a few… Gary had a vision and he was passionate in his work; he inspired and motivated his people and colleagues to succeed. It was great working with him and I will not hesitate to renew the experience” DANIEL DUMAS, PRESIDENT, UBISYS INC.
“ Gary has a very positive outlook and disposition and likes to challenge received ideas. He is open to differing opinions and works with his team to develop a consensus on strategic initiatives, policies and product development” ROGER PERRAULT, DIRECTOR, CORPORATE MARKETING, ETFS INC.
“In a short period of time, Gary taught me the fundamentals of business development and helped me with leadership skills. He stressed the importance of managing the human aspect of every situation. I would recommend his skills as a teacher, problem-solver and for his abilities to build business revenue ANGELA JOROWSKI, ARDENT FINANCIAL GROUP.