business consulting
redconsulting works with organizations that want to ensure that their business stays focused on its goals and objectives.
Whether you are seeking support as a startup company or a mature business that has challenges that it wants to overcome, redconsulting can work with you in the following areas of business:
  Strategic business planning
  Business diagnostics
  Sales and Business development and coaching
  International business development
  Diversifying products & services
  Marketing & affinity management
  Executive and leadership coaching
  Succession planning
  Corporate restructuring of businesses
  Business ‘trouble shooting’
redconsulting can also support companies with the actual implementation of the changes that are required too. This approach may be seen as essential to ensure continuity and consistency is maintained.
Once a successful project has been concluded, regular monitoring and back up support can be offered to executives, key managers or to others within the company. This approach is found to be crucial to ensure the company stays focused while any business changes are being progressed.